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 Torgovy Dom Anthracite LTD represents Krasnoluchskaya coal washing factory manufacturer of high-quality coals of anthracite group  -  at the external market. Coal trading is our principal activity. We export coal of the following sorts: (25-100)mm, (13-25), (6-13), (0-6),(0-100)mm.

Having gained the vast experience in this field Torgovy Dom Anthracite LTD has realized the significance of the individual approach to each customer,  importance of products selection and arrangements of payments.

For a period of five  years Torgovy Dom Anthracite LTD has been  implementing the deliveries of high-quality coal from the Donezk coalfield to the foreign market both for heating and technological needs.  For such a short period of functioning our company has earned the reputation of  reliable business partner, gained the trust of the clients, who  became our permanent buyers. Torgovy Dom Anthracite LTD is an official member of Lugansk Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is included into the non-governmental list of partners dependability in 2010. Specifications of coal from the Donezk coalfield correspond to various requests being immutably of the highest quality. Therefore the marketing of coal is a very speedy process. If you wonder where to buy coal address to our company. Fine quality of products,  optimal prices, great number of alternatives provide lasting cooperation.  More detailed information you can get from the experts of Torgovy Dom Anthracite LTD. Due to high quality indications of coal and flexible prices coal supplied by our company is in great consumer demand in Georgia, Poland, Moldova, Belarus, Algeria, Egypt, and as perspective orientation Russia, Turkey, Greece and other countries of Western Europe. Three main concepts operate in our company:

1.      High quality of the products

2.      Reasonable prices

3.      Careful treatment of each client

We propose the soft pricing policy, the most convenient and profitable conditions of collaboration what distinguishes our company from the competitors, allowing us to attract both major companies and smaller consumers.

Our advantages:

1.      We construct our interrelations with the partners on the principles of reciprocal benefits.

2.      We support public information policy towards all the clients

3.      We are interested in long-time cooperation

We are always eager to content your requests for high-quality coal!






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  Fuel state definition

Fuel state definition

1.     Operating condition of fuel ( upper index r) fuel with the same content of moisture and ash as in production, delivery and using  process.

2.     Analytic condition of fuel ( upper index a) can be characterized by preparation of sample including grinding to the size of shot less than 0.2mm (or another size directed by special methods of analysis) and by balancing of the sample with the working  conditions of the laboratory.

3.     Dry condition of fuel ( upper index d) condition without total moisture (except hydrated).

4.     Dry ashless condition of fuel (upper index daf) conventional fuel condition without total moisture and ash.

5.     Humid ashless condition of fuel (upper index af) conventional fuel condition without ash and with moisture corresponding to the given fuel condition.


Ukrainian coal classes   ( 372-96)
  Incoterms 2000
Our company has highly individual approach to every Client and offers the following conditions of delivery. Download Incoterms.
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Please contact the commercial department: 

Anthracite LTD

Tel/fax: +38 (0642) 59-00-54, 344-026

E-mail: td@antracit.com.ua

Contact persons:

Sales manager:
Eliza Levchenko
tel +38 050 6269686

Director  Georgiy Melkov, tel. +38 (050) 478-80-75


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